Is there a difference between child ADHD and adult ADHD?

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How does ADHD look different in children compared to adult ADHD?

ADHD in children can often be attributed to several underlying causes.   In younger children, food allergies and sensitivities can be the cause of many symptoms.  Food allergies can range from dark circles under the eyes, runny nose, eczema, stomach pain, ear infections, and insomnia.  Sensitivity of milk and gluten proteins can lead to problematic behaviors, inattentiveness, anger, and irritability.   Food sensitivities generally occur in children under 12.  These can contribute to hyperactivity, nervousness, moodiness, and impulsivities.

It is also important to rule any metabolic imbalances in the body with children diagnosed with ADHD. Gut dysbiosis is extremely common, such as fungal and bacterial overgrowth.  An abundance of heavy metals or minerals can also lead to ADHD-like symptoms.    It is always important to focus on diet, nutrition and encourage a healthy lifestyle.  Other things to consider are mold, chemical or glyphosate toxicity or even a MTHFR mutation.  All of these can be determined by specialty functional tests.

Adult ADHD

Adults diagnosed with ADHD often were undiagnosed as children.   Adult ADHD is often underlying until adulthood. These individuals had great coping mechanisms as children and were able to sit in their seat, follow instructions and maintain the grades they needed to succeed in school.  Maybe they had a great structured home environment and very supportive parents. For the most part, these adults are able to adapt to their constantly changing environment without issues. Increasing age comes with increasing responsibility and different stressors. A big change in life such as college, moving to another town, a loss of a loved one, an injury, for example can often bring out ADHD in an adult. These adults suddenly find themselves having trouble focusing, being productive, making decisions, meeting deadlines and generally keeping it all together. Usually adult ADHD is coupled with anxiety and/or depression. It is important to address all of these underlying issues.

For adults in times of increased stressed and pressure, sometimes medications can give us a bit of relief until the stressor is over or until additional coping skills are learned. An ADHD or life coach can be helpful to get us through these times.

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