At Revelation Wellness, we know you want to live the abundant life God designed you to.  You need support to help you achieve your health goals and address your concerns.  Unfortunately, traditional medicine focuses on covering symptoms, not finding and fixing the problem, leaving many people feeling unsatisfied with where they are.

If you know there’s a better way and are committed to finding it, we are here to help.

We strive to combine traditional, functional and integrative medicine to provide the best options for you and your family.  With precision testing, you’ll learn more about your health than you ever have before, and you’ll be able to make lasting lifestyle and diet changes.

Stop guessing, and start understanding the WHY.

Its time to take health into your own hands. Discover the root cause of your symptoms and find a better path forward with Revelation Wellness.

We are located in Cary, NC.  If you are located elsewhere, you are welcome to schedule a free consultation so we can discuss how we can partner with you in your health.

Our Team

Dr. Keta Dodds, PharmD

Founder, Functional Wellness Practitioner

As a community pharmacist of 20 years, my eyes have been opened to the broken healthcare system we are forced to live in.   As I struggled through health concerns in my own family, I looked around and realized my pharmacy customers weren’t getting better. Medications were not fixing the problems.  I decided I needed to change my career path to one where I could really help people. That’s why I founded Revelation Wellness.
You deserve a partner in health who wants to get you off medications and on a better path forward.   With certifications in pharamcogenomics and functional medicine, I can offer clients a different way of care.  God has given me a passion for functional medicine, to help people understand not only WHAT is going on, but WHY, so they can chart their best path forward.

jonathan williams, md is the medical director

Dr. Jonathan Williams, MD

Medical Director

Jonathan Williams was born and raised in Burlington NC. He attended medical school and residency in Greenville, NC. He has been medical director of the Emergency Department, and completed stints as Vice Chief of Staff and Chief of Staff at Alamance Regional Medical Center. He lives in Mebane, NC with his wife and 3 children. He is dedicated to promoting medical freedom and has been in private practice since the summer of 2021. Currently practicing at 2855 S Church St Suite E in Burlington, NC. 

Tara Lindstrom

Client Coordinator, CMO

When traditional medicine couldn’t provide my children the healthcare they deserved, I realized I needed to seek out alternative options.  After watching my children find true healing from root-cause medicine, I realized this was the true path forward for medicine. With a background in customer experience and a passion for plant-based eating, essential oils, natural care products and toxin-free living, I’m here to help guide each client through their journey to better health.